Metals and stones are filled with emotions.  I look closely to see the character of each stone . The uniqueness of each stone is what gives me the inspiration for a specific piece. My goal is for you to feel a connection to the jewelry and the powers that each stone brings.

My greatest love is working with my hands and eyes.  Because of this, making an object that I want to wear is sacred to me. I do not believe in perfection, but I seek refinement. The hands on approach of hammering, drilling, and finishing each piece is a key part of Laurel Patrick’s esthetic. Seeing my own hand in the jewelry is what Laurel Patrick is made of.   




"powerful and protective"

Aids in transmitting energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm.
Increased nobility. Spiritual awareness. Inner peace and healing body mind and soul. Meditation. Balance. Stress relief and communication



Reinforces leadership qualities and promotes compassion and empathy . Aids in seeing alternatives and possibility. Healing stone and protects against environmental pollution.  

florite_ green final_horizontal.jpg


“sharpen senses”

Fortifies self confidence and responsibly. Defends against negativity.



Brings on Success, Abundance and Personal Power and generosity.

fire opal final_horizontal.jpg


“spontaneous action”

Initiates new ideas. Stimulates enthusiasm.




Makes one more receptive to the power of other stones. Increases concentration and aids in decision making.  

florite final_horizontal.jpg
GreenChrysoprase watercolor_horizontal.jpg


“divine truth”

Promotes joy and happiness while healing the heart if energies of depression and anxiety. Attracts new love and prosperity.

JApanese freshwater pearl

"personal integrity”

Calmness and centeredness, and to promote faith, loyalty, truth and purity.

Japanese freshwater pearl final_horizontal.jpg



Gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. Make-up stone. Can bring beauty inside and out.  



"wisdom and truth"

Stimulating wisdom and good judgement in the practical world.

White Chalcedony_horizontal.jpg

White Chalcedony


Absorbs negative energy and dissipates it. Instills generosity, harmonizes mind, body and spirit.



"enhanced inspiration"

Most powerful at a full moon. Brings success in love and business. Offers protection on land and sea.

Obsidian Snowflake_horizontal.jpg

Snowflake Obsidian


balance to body, mind and spirit. helps one keep centered and focused.


“creative forces”

Stone of inspiration and love. Enhanced memory and decreased confusion.



"master healer"

Amplifies energy and thought. As well as the effects of other stones. It accompanies.
Harmony. Healing. Clarity and calmness.


"unconditional love"

Compassion and peace. Tenderness and healing. Personal fulfillment and contentment.



“energy mover”

Attracts love and stabilizes relationships.
Relieves loneliness and lifts guilt.  



Stimulates taking action and aids in clear decision making. Harmony and balance. Helps release fear and anxiety.



"truthful communication"

Travel protection, helps to relieve anxiety.



Enhances creativity, natural detoxifier.

Zoisite final_horizontal.jpg

When my dear friend and artist Rachel Domm first introduced me to Calico Wallpaper, it was love at first sight. I was instantly captivated by the astral Wabi marbled dreamscapes and Aurora sunset hues. I dreamed of having the Calico designs part of the Laurel Patrick space.

I could hardly hold back my excitement when I finally met Rachel and Nick, the creators of Calico Wallpaper, while at a "Collage with Caris" event sometime after. I had the pleasure of seeing their entire collection… the studio was bursting with serenity and inspiring energy.

Our perfect day soon followed, when Laurel Patrick Jewelry and threads were modeled by dear Rachel Domm and photographed by the talented Gieves Anderson in the Calico world. This day was truly inspirational for me to be surrounded by the talented Domm and Calico's cosmic creations.

The journey and the passion of the process unfolds by using all your senses to create a final product.

We will continue to dream in aurora hues #thepowers #crystalmagic.


Laurel Patrick signifies a love letter written by Alexis Laurel MacDonald to her love Mark Patrick Moore, sharing her passion for hand-crafted artistry and her ongoing journey towards creative enlightenment.

Alexis has dedicated her life to creative vision and innovative design. She studied painting, sculptural design and fashion at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has spent the past decade designing accessories and fashion footwear, expanding brands such as Calvin Klein, and Delman Shoes.

Drawing from her Michigan heritage, family knowledge, and passion for collecting gems, antiques and heirloom jewelry, Alexis was inspired and driven to expand her artistic practices into jewelry design, metal smithing and wax carving.

Reflecting upon the powers of rocks and keeping their powers close is essential to approaching a positive spiritual life that is continually evolving Alexis and her work.