Who is Laurel Patrick? It is love letter written by Alexis (Laurel) MacDonald to her love Mark (Patrick) sharing her passion for hand crafted artisan craftsmanship. And her ongoing journey to understanding the meaning of happiness and creative fulfillment.

Professionally, Alexis spent the past decade designing accessories mostly shoes and traveling overseas to handle the production for her clients. Working as a woman’s footwear designer for brands such as Calvin Klein along with a hand full of others.  She found herself working closely with other creative’s in factories who made her hand sketches come to life by there own interpretations, to the best of there ability to successfully fit the client’s vision. She could not stop dreaming of making meaningful objects for others with her own two hands. Growing up in Michigan on Green Lake, which is a dark emerald green color... with a father that collected gems and a mother who collected antiques and boxes full of ancient jewelry. She now found herself rooming the streets of Brooklyn Heights reminiscing of her love for natural rocks and ancient artisan handwork.  So, she started growing her own rock collection and figuring out ways she could wear the powers of her favorite rocks everyday. After a few years of devoted hand made experimentation and practice of the art of metal smithing and wax carving beside some talented local artisans. Keeping the powers close became essential and helped her embrace a new way if approaching life. And that’s how the Laurel Patrick collection evolved.